Hello, I'm Cheryl aka the Lava Queen. The word 'Lava' is taken from a short Disney Pixar animation. I pretty much fell in love with this song when I first heard it, and am kinda still addicted to it, so I've decided to name my blog after it. A slang for the word 'Love', as sung by a volcano in that animation, and perhaps even to describe the short-tempered me (HaHa!). As for Queen, I've been promoted to this rank since the arrival of our baby princess ^^


The idea of writing a blog emerged when I first started traveling with my ex-boyfriend, now hubby (AHA!) few years ago. Somehow, it was always put on hold, well, like my New Year resolutions... Couple of months later I'll be like, "Huh? What resolutions again? I've no idea whatsoever (Innocent face)." This went on til I picked up the book 'The Wish List' by Jane Costello recently. It's about a 29-year old girl who found a written list of things that she and her friends were supposed to do before they hit their big 3-0. Although the list was written when they were 15, she realized she hasn't even done a single thing on it. Determined to change that, she aimed to tackle the list and hopefully achieve at least half of it before her next birthday, which is about 6 months away. This sorta hit me and I told myself, "Come on, stop procrastinating! It's about time I get that lazy bum up and start writing before I kiss another year goodbye!" Hence... Ta-Dah!!!


The different journeys: Life, Food and Travel.


Anything interesting, seen, heard, read or experienced in my daily life.


Anything from scrumptious food, interesting cafes/restaurants to cooking from scratch in my kitchen. (As Gordon Ramsay quoted, "Home cooking should be easy, fast and delicious" ^^)


Penning down trips from the past and recent ones, before the memories fade. (Thanks to my dear hubby, who loves photography, for the beautiful photos!)

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments, or follow me on Google+ if you like it. Cheers!!

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