Another new porky place! Farm to Plate specializes in 2 of my favorite things: Pork - Iberico (They claimed they serve meat from free range,...

Another new porky place! Farm to Plate specializes in 2 of my favorite things: Pork - Iberico (They claimed they serve meat from free range, acorn-eating pigs), to be exact, and coffee. Located in the quiet neighborhood of Damansara Kim, it is the sister restaurant of UoVo, which is just next door. They are having pre-opening reception at the moment. There were still some minor renovations going on when we went over and the owner apologized for the waiting and some teething problems here and there as they were catering both Farm to Plate and UoVo at the same time. The official opening date hasn't been announced yet. 

Menu is limited at the moment with just a few mains, pizzas, a mushroom and potato soup, a salad, coffees and beers. We ordered the shoyu & sake Iberico ribs, mushroom pizza with truffle oil (Recommended by the waiter), a hot latte for hubby and Costa Rica brewed coffee for me. I was disappointed when the waiter came over to inform that the pizza was sold out. Guess it can't be helped as they were serving both restaurants together and this pizza must have been good that everyone was ordering it. So we changed our order to the mushroom and potato soup instead since they already paired the ribs with salad. BUT minutes later, one of the chefs (I think) came to our table, apologized for the pizza and said that he'll make up for it by serving us a creamy pasta, completely free of charge! Whee, such good service!!

The shoyu & sake ribs (RM 79).
The main star: These ribs were succulent, fatty and robust - hit right on the mark! Do allow a cooking time of about 25 mins for these finger licking good ribs! They are definitely worth the wait.
Creamy mushroom and potato soup (RM 15).
This was earthy, thick, hearty and good. It would be nice for a cold day, but too bad it was hot as usual that day. Haha. 
Pappardelle carbonara (FOC!)
Creamy and rich.
Though this is one of those easy and speedy recipes that one can whip up in 10-15 mins, I wouldn't complain coz it's free. Lol! Generous portion of fresh mushrooms and pasta cooked to al dente (yes, even slightly crunchy!), and the sauce was creamy, smooth and luscious.
Latte 5 oz (RM10)
Costa Rica brewed coffee (RM11).
Coffee was good. Enough said.

Farm To Plate Damansara Kim has a minimalist and bright looking space with light coloured walls and simple wooden furnitures. 
The interior.
The interior.
A comfy corner to enjoy your food/drink and soak in the leafy serenity.
Parking is available on the streets.
With that casual cheery atmosphere, this is a good place for you to chill and relax with friends.

Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10

4, Jalan SS 20/10 Damansara Kim,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours:
11am-11pm, daily.

03-7732 9552

You can visit their website here

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