Don't you agree that Moms all have superpowers because they can juggle so many things at a time? Hehe. 8th of March, 2016 was Intern...

Don't you agree that Moms all have superpowers because they can juggle so many things at a time? Hehe.
8th of March, 2016 was International Women's Day, and also because I've watched three good videos recently, I would like to share some thoughts on women, especially on being a mom! 

Let's start with SAHMS since I'm one of them :D. As I mentioned in my post Being A SAHM, a stay-at-home-mom is one of the most undervalued career. Most people assume that SAHMs just stay at home with their kids, so they don't actually work, and that going to work is harder. But is that really the truth? In my opinion, each of us have our own role to play, but doesn't mean that one party has to do ALL the work. I'm lucky my hubby does help out in doing housework and in taking care of our LO (Just so you know, the kid doesn't belong to me ALONE, she's OUR kid), but I've heard some moms complaining that their family members/busybody aunties/some distant relatives think that most of the time, they are just staying at home shaking legs. And for those staying with old folks (especially the in-laws), they don't have much say in anything because they are being told that they don't bring in any money for the family. Now, let's look at the picture below (I know it's a little outdated, but.... you get the idea):

Picture taken from This is why SAHM is a proper job too!
If you were to pay us according to the hours that we work and the things that we do, can you actually afford our salaries? But unless you've been there, this would probably sound like child's play and those people will still think we are just shaking legs.

How about FTWMs? Well, I've heard husbands saying they are so tired after a long day at work, so they just come home expecting dinner to be ready, eat, grab a drink and do nothing but relax. If you are tired, did it occur to you that your working wife might feel the same also? She too has a full time job in office, still has continue working when she reaches home to prepare dinner, feed, clean and put the kids to sleep before she can actually do some of her own stuffs (Or perhaps she'll be too exhausted that she just go to sleep straight). And... if you are thinking why everything is still in a mess though she's exhausted, perhaps this video might give you an idea (Lol!): 

Then, comes the question: “Who carries a heavier load? Women or men?” I guess most people will simply answer it's the men because they are often seen as the bigger sized and stronger ones. True, in most outings or whenever there is a new piece of DIY furniture, the men are the ones carrying the larger load, but how about on other days? I'm sure most moms out here have tried and mastered carrying LO with 1 hand and doing things with the other :). Here's a touching video that I wanna share. It's about a husband who secretly watches what his wife does from inside a van and becomes speechless when he finds out what really goes on when he is at work:

Sometimes, a simple 'Thank You', volunteer/offer to help out with some of the workloads, or even giving a small surprise now and then isn't that hard, is it? At least it makes the woman of your house feels appreciated and that all her hard work are worthwhile. Don't take her for granted. So next time, don't forget that she too needs a massage from time to time, some 'ME' time or a time out. Though being a mom is the best job ever, we do need some peace to keep our sanity and to feel loved ^^.

Lastly, I simply love this statement by Sadhguru:

"Every woman should do what she wants to do as an individual person. If a woman intends to have children and raise them, it's a full time job. But having children isn't about reproduction, you are manufacturing the next generation of people. How the world will be tomorrow, will be determined by what kind of mothers you have today. When asked what do you do, many ladies answer, "I'm just a housewife." Why do you say you are JUST a housewife? You do not understand the significance of being able to nurture 2 or 3 new lives, and that IS a very important job." 

You can watch his video on this at:

Happy reading and Happy Belated International Women's Day!

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