A friend tagged me in a post regarding this Le Cottage Steamboa t last week. It piqued my interest as the photos showed that the restaurant...

A friend tagged me in a post regarding this Le Cottage Steamboat last week. It piqued my interest as the photos showed that the restaurant offers its patrons the experience of 'jungle' dining, within the city itself. While making dinner plans with my brother-in-law and wife, I suggested we check this place out. 

Parking wasn't really a problem because there were plenty of space in front of the restaurant, but quite a few were blocked using plastic chairs, reserved for the customers of Tropicana Ebi Freshwater Prawns Fishing, which is located directly opposite. The moment we got down from our car, we were greeted by a foul smell coming from the nearby garbage container -_-" We held our breath and quickly made our way into the restaurant.

The entrance
Arapaima fish in the tank on the left side
The first thing we saw as we stepped in was the arapaima gigas fish in the tank on our left hand side. The arapaimas are among the world's largest freshwater fish and this is the first time I'm seeing one at such a close range. We were then ushered to our table, in the dining area to the left. It started raining not long after that, creating the perfect weather for steamboats!

The menu showed only one set meal for 6 pax. Since there were just 4 of us, that was out. When we asked the waitress if they had other sets, she introduced us the Chinese New Year packages; Menu 1 - RM388 for 5-6 pax, and Menu 2 - RM218 for 3-4 pax. Both sets include sea cucumbers, fish maws, prawns and some other premium seafood. Honestly, I would rather order these at a proper Chinese restaurant than at a steamboat restaurant. Not given much of a choice, we went with a la carte. Oh, and the other reason why I went there was because of the French crab that they advertised on Facebook and also on the write-up board at the entrance. It was even on the pamphlet which they handed together with the menu. But when the waitress said it was sold out, I was disappointed and felt kinda cheated as it looked like they were using it as a gimmick to attract customers. :(

Our dining area
They were eight soup bases to choose from. We took the yin yang combination of Drunken Chicken Herbal Soup and LCS Signature Warm & Spicy Soup so we could try 2 different soups at one go. As for the ingredients, we ordered the homemade fish paste (served in bamboo), homemade fish balls, homemade pork balls with mushrooms, sliced premium pork loin roll, homemade stuffed eggplant, 'tong hou' veggies, spinach, Chinese yam (huai san), homemade shrimp dumplings, enoki mushrooms and yee mee. I wanted the lotus root slices too but was told they were sold out. 

Both soups smelled delicious. The wine aroma of the drunken chicken herbal soup got even stronger when it started to boil. We took a sip before adding the other food, surprisingly, the flavor wasn't as rich as the nose portended. Service was not too bad. The waitress even helped us put in the fish paste, mushrooms and meatballs to cook, but I guess that took away some of the fun in having steamboats where we get to throw in the different ingredients ourselves. Hehe. We cooked the rest ourselves. :)

Yin Yang combination soup
The waitress helped us to add the food in.
Sliced pork loin
The dining area on the right hand side of the restaurant leads to the outdoor fish pond and wooden bridge. Since it was still raining when we finished our meal, we didn't get to take pictures of the outdoors.

Some 3D wall paintings on the right side of the entrance.
Overall, the 2 'Must Try' soups were not as flavorful as I expected, and the homemade stuffs tasted so so only. If one is into nice environment and decorations more than the food quality, this is a pretty good place to go. Otherwise, for the same price, there are other steamboat restaurants in town which offer more varieties of tastier food, namely, Bone & Pot and Coco Steamboat.

Food: 5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10

5, Kawasan Landskap & Nursery, 
Jalan Tropicana Selatan, 
43700 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

011-2545 2468

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